Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average payback for a Solar installation?
Average payback for residential PV system in South FL (FPL) territory is 7-9 years depending on your roof type as well.
What is net-metering?
This is a program through which the Solar system that produce excess electricity can receive a retail credit on their power bill for excess electricity they produce and send to the grid (power grid)
Will HOA allow Solar?
Yes (Florida state law mandate the HOA’s are required to all these systems) Varies by state.
Can I go off grid?
Technically, No Although a solar system can offset virtually all of your electric bill, you are still required to have a utility connection in FL. A grid connection system that a net-zero is greener that going off the grid.
What about batteries?
Batteries make sense in some cases, but not all. They can add a significant price increase to the cost of a solar system. Battery requirements need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Will a solar system work with my existing electrical panel?
Almost all our solar installs have integrated easily into homes existing electrical service.
What size solar system is right for me?
This will depend on your monthly electricity consumption (power bill) your available roof space, what you personal objectives related to solar on average residential system is between 10KW -20KW.
What if I need a new roof?
Solar panels have a power production warranty for 25 years. We prefer to install on roofs that have at least 10 years left in their lifetime to avoid unwanted cost in the future. We can also take care of replacing the roof if needed.
Can I get financing for a solar installation?
Yes, we can help financing through a variety of methods, including the solar energy loan fund (SELF) pace financing, national solar lending institutions and local banks who specialize in solar loans. In house financing.
Will my insurance company cover my panels?
Usually but not always it’s a bit of longer answer. (Again, this varies by state, insurance companies.)
Are solar panels worth it financially?
True answer depends on factors that set your home apart, state you reside in, the projected energy usage for your home, how much access to sunlight your panels have.